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Anna Sandhu

I visited Akss Clinic just few weeks prior to my wedding. Like every to-be-bride, I too wanted my skin to look perfect - wanted it to glow and look fresh right before my D-Day. In order to achieve this, Dr. Neetu Narula was highly recommended to me by many people. I was told that she can do wonders and let me assure you, that is exactly what she did! My skin was dull, I had super dark circles and there was no glow. With just 4-5 treatments, my skin looked fresh as the morning dew! The dark circles had lightened, acne scars too had lightened skin looked amazing and I was very happy with it. I am so glad that I went to her, given the fact that I just had 2 weeks before the wedding festivities, she worked her magic on me beautifully! I'd also like to add that she is a gem of a person! She went above and beyond to ensure that my skin looks perfect for the D-Day! She was more worried about it than I was :) So if you go to her, then simply stop worrying, she will give you beautiful results 100%

Jatinder Singh

If you are looking for professional and caring Dentist then Dr.Ruma Raina is the one to see.Every visit has been wonderful.I highly recommend Dr.Ruma Raina To Everyone for any dental needs now and in the future.

Sunaina Sharma

I am a bride to be and i am getting married in December. When I came to dr. Sonia Oberoi my skin was badly burnt due to some other doctor's treatments and i also had severe scarring.But with just two treatments dr. Sonia has done wonders to my skin. And i am really happy with the results. I am still getting my treatments done by her. I highly recommend dr. Sonia to every bride to be and she will make you glow like anything on your big day.

Gunjan Verma

Visited Akss clinic a few days back for guidance towards dullness of skin and skin care regime.. It was really wonderful to meet Dr.Sonia Oberoi who has a charismatic personality and professional approach towards her work..All my apprehensions just went away after her guidance... She started the treatment and i'm amazed to see the results.. I was quite impressed to see the high standards maintained by Akss for its clients.

Saby Randhawa

I joined akss about a month back .I had pigmented skin which really bothers me and to hide that I have to wear make up everyday which I really don’t like ...I tried so many home remedies even took some treatments but all useless .Then i find Akss on instagram and I visited Dr Sonia ...a lady with smiling face and energetic positive vibes ...she started my treatment with very nominal serums and sunscreen...just after one week my skin there was a drastic change and glow my skin is totally flawless without any chemical peels and treatments ...I recommend Dr Sonia ...she is the best ...👍🏻