Scalp Art/Scalp Micropigmentation

introducing for the firsttime in north india

permanent hair concealer for scap hair and eye brow

scalp art is an advanced non-surgical procedure, used for the treatment of male pattern baldness, androgenic alopecia in both men and women, hair transplant scars, receding hairline and low density hair transplant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are looking for an alternative to dangerous hair-loss drugs or a solution to scarring or other skin conditions, offers the look of very short hairs that would appear on a closely shaved scalp. The cosmetic tattooed hair folicles are natural in appearence and blend perfectly with the color and texture of your current hair. Upkeep is effortless. Simply keep your hair closely shaved and you will always look your best.
SMP creates a thicker look to your content hair folicles by reducing the contrast between your scalp and your hair colour, which is why the end result is so completly natural. The blend of SMP and your hair provides fullness to the thinning areas while also hiding scars and other imperfections.

Because hairline styles may change from time to time, we use a product that gently fades over a period of time. This also allows for a gradual change in colour as our client's age and may want to ease into a salt-and- pepper mix of colour for a more mature look.

Scalp Micropigmentation is the artistic application of pigmentation dots tobald or thinning areas of the scalp around exsisting hair folicles to recreate the appearence of a closely shaven scalp. SMP is typically used to create the appeaence of fullness to thining hair, or to camouflage a hair transplant or other scalp scar. Similar to a cosmetic tattoo, SMP is a non-surgical procedure carried out by our professional technicals and qualified staff. A normal session can last anywhere from one to three hours and the entire SMP procedure is generally completed within three sessions.

When it comes to choosing scalp micropigmentation as your hair loss solution, be mindful of the professional you select for the process. Not all hair tattoos are the same, because each scalp pigmentation practitioner has their own style, technique, experience, and training while scalp micropigmentation may be one of the most effective permanent hair loss treatments avaliable today, you should still take care and choose a specialist who understnds your hair loss issues, has the right experience, and has enough knowledge and training to effectively replicate the natural appearence of real hair folicles.