Obesity and Weight Loss Managemnent

Get the sculptured silhouettes with us

An Effective alternative to Liposuction and redefining facial Rejuvination 4D Bipolar RF all in one technology.

At akss , we offer you customized weight management plans including weight loss treatment with OBESITY PLATFORM – An Effective alternative to Liposuction and Redefining Facial Rejuvenation.

It is a unique combination of Radiofrequency ( 4D Bipolar RF ) + vacuum + IR ( laser ) +Roller and focused vacum cavitation technique.This is coupled with dietary plans, exercise programs and behavior modification as well as support groups and educational lectures. Research has shown that combining a variety of weight loss and management techniques increases a person's chance of long-term success in weight management.

At akss, Our goal is to help you adapt to & maintain a healthy lifestyle

This focuses on entire body sculpting by working on

  • Cellulite
  • Adiposity
  • Firming

This is suitable for

  • Skin tightening and AntiAeging
  • Double chin and neck hump
  • Body contouring and Instant inch loss , Circumferential reduction and Cellulite

Showing Immediate Effective Results

At akss, We’ll provide you with a complete package to give you the desired results

  • Obesity platform
  • Dietary plans
  • Exercise and fitness training / guidance
  • Behavior modification
  • Detox therapies